Wiz Khalifa opens about reconciling with Kanye West following their Twitter feud

Photo credit: Dailymail
Photo credit: Dailymail

Following their twitter spat and Kanye’s tweet that everything has been resolved, Wiz Khalifa has opened up about his phone conversation with Kanye. In an interview with Hot 97, Wiz Khalifa said, ‘We spoke on the phone. Kim and Amber spoke on the phone. It’s all good’. ‘I don’t think that that’s anything that wouldn’t happen between anybody else’.

‘That could’ve happened between any person, but the way that we settled it, and the way that we bounced back. That’s all that matters.’

Wiz also said he was pleased that he and Kanye could rise above their differences. Wiz said, ‘it’s the universe, The universe puts a lot of things. It could’ve went down many different ways. Individually we all have control. ‘When you put certain elements together, you can make something that people see as impossible.’


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