Valentine’s Day: Nigerians are the most romantic in Africa


According to global money transfer leader, Transfast’s Valentine Day’s survey,  Nigerians are the most romantic people in Africa, beating out other online customers.

An impressive 80 percent of Nigerian respondents say they plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with 75% calling the holiday “Sweet – I like the sentiment behind it.” Of those, 13% say it’s “silly, but I put up with it ” and 9% call it “a ridiculous money-making scheme.” Still, only 3% of Nigerians say Valentine’s Day is “stressful: I wish it would go away!”

Most respondents, who are Transfast customers based in the U.S. or Canada, say their loved one is in the U.S. (54%), while 36% say their loved one is in Nigeria. A majority (53%) says they will send money home for Valentine’s Day, in amounts ranging from $50 to $2,000.

Nigerian respondents plan to express their love on Valentine’s Day by communicating with their loved one via a phone call (46%), Skype (11%), What’sApp (11%), Facebook message (8%) or FaceTime (5%). Respondents agreed that Nigerians are by nature romantic, with 67% saying this was the case. A total of 46% say they believe in love at first sight, and 12%  say that love at first sight has happened to them.

Most respondents say they are married (53%), 14% are dating, 12% are engaged and 21% are single. But you may not know that from their Facebook pages, because of all respondents, most say they do NOT share their relationship status on social media (53%).

The married ones are always on top anytime, anyday. 


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