Senator Ben Bruce and Minister Rotimi Amaechi come for each other on Twitter

Ghen, ghen ……Yesterday, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce replied a blogger,  Japhet Omojuwa’s jibes over political and personal differences. Senator Bruce replied in a classic way and took aim at the minister for transportation and former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi. Read tweets below.

Amaechi did not take the veiled reference to his alleged extravagant spending lying low. He blasted the senator for not being bold enough to mention the name of the minister in his tweet.

Then, Bruce replied again mocking the minister.


Amaechi responded with a tweet of his own, accusing the minister of being active only on Twitter.

My fav: “When you have been Wike’d, you become wicked!”…This is just classic!..Lol


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