Cristiano Ronaldo’s Apology

C.Ronaldo… ‘if all my teammates were at my level, we might be first’

Real Madrid was at the loosing end once again, when they faced Atletico Madrid, its been impossible for Real to overcome the determined Atletico Madrid team. Ever since Real Madrid lost to Atletico Madrid during the Copa Del Rey final, its been one defeat after the other.

Real Madrid played host to Atletico Madrid on Saturday and lost 1-0 in from of their home crowd. Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t too pleased and it resulted to a nasty outburst. The Portuguese star said ‘ if all my teammates were at my level,we might be first.’

During the training session on Monday, Ronaldo had the chance to clarify his outburst in front of his team mates. His fellow teammates actually played down the significance of the outburst.

My two ┬ácents, Ronaldo actually voiced out his feeling, but sadly not man enough to own up to it, this must have been burning up inside of him for a while now. There’s a common say that goes thus, ‘Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’ Hopefully, Ronaldo would be able to mend fences quickly, because, it takes 11 players to make a team.

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