Puma confirms deal with Kylie Jenner


It seems Kylie did not listen to Kanye then….Puma announced yesterday that Kylie Jenner has signed a deal with them and has even wrapped shooting her first campaign with them. 

The news comes just a week after Kanye, 38, took to Twitter to bash the brand and vow that Kylie would never team up with them.

According to Nice Kicks, there aren’t too many details about the deal available yet, but, Kylie will serve as an ‘advocate’ for Puma, which will involve her promoting certain products.

‘Today at Agenda Las Vegas, while stopping by the Puma booth at Liberty Fairs, we were able to confirm that the Kylie Jenner Puma partnership is in fact a go,’ a writer for the online site said of the deal.

This confirms the earlier report by US Weekly, that the Kylie’s deal differs in title and role to that of Rihanna’s partnership.


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