Osinbajo should serve as president, after Buhari’s second term – El-Badawy


A former member of the House of Rep from Yobe State, Alhaji Hassan El-Badawy has insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari must be allowed to stay in office for two terms.

He added that after the President must have finished his second tenure in 2023, VP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo should be allowed to take over from him and serve for another two tenures, stressing that it’s the only way the duo can exhaust the good programmes they have lined up for Nigerians.

El-Badawy, who made these assertions in an interview with the Daily Trust, argued that, “For me, for Buhari to do a second term is a must. Then his vice needs to be given the chance to do two terms too so that they can exhaust all their plans for Nigeria.

“They have good programmes lined up for this nation and Nigerians should give them the chance to change the state of this nation.”

Justifying what informed his position, the erstwhile lawmaker said, “their party (APC) was formed barely a year ago. Buhari came in and started correcting the wrongs; you need lots of time and efforts to look into a lot of things.

“Let us take for example, the corruption issue, we need to investigate because arms deal was not an issue for the previous government, it was when he was about to take over that this arms deal came to the surface. We have other sectors like MDAs that need to be looked into. He cannot finish these things in just one term. It is a very serious issue that government needs to take care of the future.

“The situation we have on ground requires Buhari to have another term after the current one to consolidate before he can hand over.”

El-Badawy ended by saying: “The vice president is there, others are there and they can take over after he has done his second term. But the issue of Buhari stepping aside for others to take over is not the best.”

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