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A man tricks his girlfriend into thinking he’s going to propose as he gets down on one knee with a ring box on Valentine’s Day, then asks her to make a cup of tea. 

Brad Holmes, 24 from Southampton, told his girlfriend Jenny Davies, 22, from Portsmouth, how happy she makes him. He can then be seen taking out a white box from his pocket in the footage which has been seen more than seven million times.

Jenny looks overcome with emotion as Brad goes down on one knee. But instead of asking her to marry him, he leaves her shocked by saying: ‘Will you make me a cup of tea?’


The couple, who have been together for six months, can be seen sitting on the sofa with Jenny watching TV – and Brad flashes the white ring box at the camera without her spotting it.

He then gets up and positions his phone to film the moment, with Jenny asking: ‘Why are you recording? What are you doing?’

Brad then gets down one knee and says: ‘Basically, I’m a bit nervous. Give me your hand.’

Jenny can be seen taking his hand and looking emotional, putting her other hand to her head.

Brad says: ‘You know you make me the happiest man in the world. I’m shaking but I love you to bits, you know that, right?

‘I want you to make me the happiest man in the world. I have got a question to ask you.’

Brad has the small jewellery box in his hands and it’s all too much for Jenny, who now has both hands to her mouth.

There’s more suspense when Brad is unable to open the box.

But when he does, he asks: ‘Will you make me a cup of tea?’

And instead of a big diamond ring, the box contains nothing more than a tea bag.

Jenny appears to be less than impressed – as she grabs the box and throws it to the floor.

She storms out of the room screaming: ‘Are you f****** joking.

‘You horrible little ****.’

Brad revealed he had told Jenny he will propose this year, which is why Brad said she ‘genuinely believed it.’

He said: ‘She knows it’s coming but she doesn’t know when.’

Jenny told FEMAIL she was already considering the possibility he would propose because it was Valentine’s Day.

But she said: ‘I calmed down when he told me “I wouldn’t do it like that”.

‘I was in my pyjamas sat on the sofa. I thought after I was glad it hadn’t happened like that, not to be ungrateful.’

Although Jenny admitted she began to cry when Brad got down on one knee, but she said: ‘Brad didn’t mean to hurt or upset me in the video.’

So I popped the big question today..

Posted by Brad’s Dad on Sunday, February 14, 2016


Source: DailyMail

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