OMG! Couple finds missing wedding ring in 14-month-old baby’s X-ray

X-ray showing the ring in the baby’s gut

On Thursday, a Seattle woman discovered her wedding ring had gone missing and the culprit was her 14-month-old baby. According to a Reddit thread, Imaging done by the doctors at the hospital found the ring lodged inside the baby’s gut. 

The baby was observed for 8 hours and the parents were asked to wait for the baby to ‘poop’. They were asked to go home and come back in two weeks if it doesn’t pass out naturally, meaning the doctors would have to perform surgery or use other medical means to extract the ring.

After leaving the hospital, the family monitored the toddler, dissecting every diaper until the baby finally pooped with the wedding ring out. The family said the toddler showed no signs of discomfort and the baby is doing just fine.

Source: CNN

My question is, how did they know the baby had swallowed it? Hmm……That’s must have been scary.

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