Nigerian artist, Davido signs a new deal with Sony BMG Music



On Thursday, Davido announced on his twitter page that he had just signed a deal with Sony BMG Music. See tweets below.

Some people in the entertainment industry are not too happy with the announcement. The publisher of Mystreet Magazine, Sesan Adeniji said  ‘In this present moment, every news that is related to Davido will always make the headline. For Davido, any news that is far from his Baby Mama drama is a perfect distraction that is welcome and the news of his deal with Sony Music came at the perfect time.

As much as this news continue to attract media frenzy, I, for one will not be joining this bandwagon without asking the nagging question, is this the real deal or the same Ol’ story? I won’t forget when P-square and some other Nigerian artists came through with same news without proper details and information to backup their claims.

Without throwing shades at any of these artistes, most of these deals have been sketchy. The media need to grow up; they need to stop jumping on news as if their whole life depends on it. They need to thoroughly investigate all this information to be able to feed their audience with adequate news’.


Lol…. how about congratulations first?



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