Niger Delta and its Militancy, A Way of Life.

Niger Delta Militants
Niger Delta Militants

Recently, militants resulted to sabotaging crude and gas pipelines in Delta State in the hopes of having talks with the now present government,  lead by  President Buhari. An unknown sect of the militants has claim responsibility for the recents attack, and this in turn lead to the refineries  in Port Harcourt and Kaduna being shutdown. Their aim to start talks with Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, the Minister of State for Petroleum.

Apparently, their tactics seemed to have failed to impress President Buhari. In a just concluded meeting in the United Arab Emirates, the President promised to deal with vandals and oil thieves, who thinks the way to get the attention of the government is to vandalise the countries major source of income.

However, these militants claim one of their major reason for such acts is due to the ever present corruption in Nigeria, they say, wealth is not being equally distributed and that just a select few in the country enjoy its bountiful oil spoils, whereas, the State where the country gets its oil from is in disarray.

Truth Be told, Nigeria is corrupt beyond words, the state of Roads, Electricity and above all the Standard of Living is so bad that all the youths think of is how to make it big by any means necessary.

Nigeria is a country made up of so many educated people. There’s no leading Ivy League Universities that you would not find a Nigerian attending or has  previously attended. This begs the question why was it so difficult to find a President that has attained such high levels in education?

Why was there so much debate as to what degree the President has, how was that issue put to rest? Technically speaking, these question are the questions lingering in the Hearts and Minds of the ordinary Nigerian.

To conclude this section, Militancy is not the answer, Education and the right to speak your unbiased view and hope those who claim to represent You and I, will do the right thing. And it also falls on each Nigerian citizen to speak up and act, because as citizens of Nigeria it also falls on us to contribute our own quota in helping to  build a better Nigeria.


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