Moscow nanny shows police where she beheaded four-year-old girl


This is so worrying and sad!

Mother of 3, Gyulchekhra Bobokulova showed police officers the flat where she apparently strangled Nastya Meshcheryakova, who had learning difficulties, before cutting off her head with a kitchen knife. The little girl’s remains were left in her cot.

The 38-year-old nanny told police that she was haunted by ‘voices’ on the day of the murder, and was driven mad with anger after discovering that her husband in Uzbekistan had started a new family while she was away working in Russia. She claimed she had refused his offer to become his second wife.

The child

In scenes that shocked the world yesterday, the hijab-wearing nanny was seen walking the streets of Moscow brandishing the head of the dead girl for an hour before she was detained by police.

Reports suggest she had become enraged after learning of her husband’s infidelity.

But another theory has surfaced in Russia which suggests she was angered by a Tajik boyfriend who she had met in Moscow.

A source said: ‘All of a sudden she found out that he was actually married. It was a shock for her. She came back to Moscow in shock.’

Bobokulova is believed to be co-operating with investigators and showed how she killed the child, with sources saying she strangled the girl before using a kitchen knife to behead her.

She shouted ‘I am a terrorist’ and threatened to cause an explosion but, despite the FSB security service leading the probe, the Russians so far have no evidence of a link to extremist groupings.

*GRAPHIC CONTENT*  This handout picture obtained on February 29, 2016 on oleg_smotra's Instagram account shows a woman, identified as 38-year-old Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, holding the severed head of a child near a metro station in northwest Moscow. Russian police on February 29 arrested a nanny for beheading a young girl in her care, investigators said, with local media reporting she was arrested while carrying the child's severed head. AFP PHOTO / INSTAGRAM / OLEG_SMOTRA ==RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / INSTAGRAM / OLEG_SMOTRA" - NO MARKETING - NO SALES - NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS ==OLEG_SMOTRA/AFP/Getty Images

Bobokulova was taken to the flat in western Moscow at around midnight – only 16 hours after the appalling killing to which – say police sources – she has confessed.

‘Initially, she seemed insane, but then agreed to the investigative experiment,’ said a police source.

‘She was brought to the apartment where the murder was committed. She pointed to the block, the entrance and the apartment by herself.’

The woman – a citizen of Uzbekistan – is seen talking to police, and appears to understand where and why she is at the location.

She spoke to her police escorts but was only overheard once, saying: ‘Here is the house, that way.’

She entered the block with officers who escorted her to the fifth floor flat where she lived with the Meshcheryakov family whose daughter was killed.

A police source claimed she said: ‘I came here and took off my skirt, threw it in a rubbish bin. Got changed into what we wear to have prayer. A voice told me to wear so.’

As she came out a women in the crowd shouted: ‘You killed a child! Your head needs to be torn off!’

Police tried to calm the woman as Bobokulova was bundled into a police van.

A source said she told police: ‘I came here and took off my skirt, threw it in a rubbish bin. Got changed into what we wear to have prayer. A voice told me to wear so.’

The parents were being comforted by friends and relatives after their daughter’s horrific death. Nastya – or Anastasia – had special needs after problems during her birth.

The nanny ‘cared for her like her own child’, according to one source.

The beheaded remains of the four-year-old were found in a cot in the family flat, dressed in her night clothes, a T-short and shorts. On her blanket was a picture of a kitten.

The Kremlin backed decisions by Russian media organisations not to show gruesome pictures of the crime scene inside the flat.

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