Manchester City are the Winners of the Capital One Cup!

Let the celebration begin
Let the celebration begin. Manchester City 1 -1  Liverpool (3 – 1) on Penalties

It actually tool penalty kicks to win it, but Manchester City emerged winners.

Liverpool were determined for the very first whistle. Though Man.City took the lead with a goal from Fernandinho on the 49th min.

Fernandinho, Manchester City FC. FT Score, Man.City 1 – 1 Liverpool, Man.City WINS on Penalties 

Second half started with so much at stake for Liverpool, the task at hand, posed to be the toughest task yet ,and at the 83rd min, that resilience paid off for Liverpool, with the leveler from P.Coutinho.

The hope and dreams of the City fan felt as though a stake had been pierced through their heart. The dream of holding the cup, seemed like a distant memory.

This was a game that needed penalties to even the score. At full time regulation, both teams were even. The end result of the penalties saw Manchester City emerge Victorious . Congratulations to all Manchester City fan and to Liverpool fan also, both teams put up a magnificent show, and that what this beautiful game called football stands for. Salute!


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