Liverpool 0 – 1 Man United.

Liv MutdIt was yet another bad day for Liverpool. The team managed by Jurgen Klopp has managed just 2 wins in 6 games

Liverpool had a bright start to the game, making Man U scrabble for the ball in the mid stages of the match. Man U had way fewer chances but were more clinical in font of the goal. Thanks to Rooney, Man U snatched all 3 points available.

Even though Liverpool had the better chances, there still more needed to be done. Not letting anything go, Louis Van gala still leaves more to desire as his team is far from competing with the likes of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid & PSG, just to name a few..

Despite the recent struggle Man U is faced with, Rooney  set a new record by surpassing the likes of Thiery Henry in the premier league after scoring his 176th goal for the club. Thiery Henry held that record with 175 goals for Arsenal.

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