Lionel Messi’s Renal Complication

Photo: L.Messi
Photo: L.Messi

The Barcelona player initialy suffered renal complication in December 2015 during the Club World Cup and this caused the Argentine player to miss the semi’s with the Chinese champs Evergrande.

On Tuesday, Messi went for a lithotripsy, an extra-corporeal treatment that typically uses ultrasound shock waves to break kidney stones into small particles that can then be passed out by the body. The procedure does not require incision but is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic because the shock waves can be painful.

Lionel Messi was treated on Tuesday for just under an hour and was accompanied by Barca’s doctors Ricard Pruna and Pepe Costa, along with his partner Antonella.

Messi is now resting at home and will play no part in Wednesday night’s Copa del Rey semi-final second leg against Valencia, although Barca are already 7-0 up from the first match last week.

Provided Messi responds to treatment, he’s expected to make a full recovery, but if his renal complication  persist, Messi will undergo the same treatment again so as to avoid surgery.


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