Leftover food is good for you!



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According to scientists, eating leftovers is healthy, good for your body, will save you money and also save the environment. When you start to think about lunch or dinner, you remember you have that leftover food in the refrigerator that just needs warming, no extra work or dishes to do afterwards.

Eating leftovers is good for your body because when you reheat leftovers, you are only losing a small amount of vitamins C and B but the fibre content remains the same and the flavour can be better the second time around!Wasting food is not ideal as it is a source of methane gas that contributes to earth warming. And also, taking leftovers to work for lunch will also save you money.

So, you can be healthier, save the environment and save money by eating the food that you have prepared previously!!

Source: lifehack.org




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