Juventus gives Bayern Munchen the Edge

Juventus, Final score 2-2

Todays Champions League matches, were sure filled with action from start to finish. Bayern put up a spectacular first half performance, while the host team Juventus looked like a ‘Lil League Team.’

Bayern Munich
Bayern München, Final score 2-2

Bayern Munchen went 1-0 up just before the break with the goal coming from T.Muller. Expect the same game plan and intensity from Bayern just after the break, and just 10minutes into the second half, on the 55th minute, A. Robben doubled the lead and gave Bayern a 2-0 goal cushion.

Juventus, decided the would not go down without a fight and their doggedness starting paying off and on the P.Dybala scored on the 63rd minute to give the one team a bit of life line.

Bayern continued to pile up the heat, but Juventus sure exposed the defensive flaws of Bayern and the equalizer came on the 76th minute with a goal from Sturaro. Truth be told, Juventus sure exposed Bayern’s weakness in defense.

Bayer Munchen plays host to Juventus in the return leg of the fixture. Bayern has the advantage with two away goals. A one all or a nil nil draw puts Bayern through, but my two cents is on Bayern, the only way Juventus can put up an offsets, its if Juve seriously contends for the ball and reduces Bayern’s impact in the midfield. Fingers crossed!


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