Dozens feared dead after magnitude-6.4 earthquake hits Taiwan


Dozens are feared dead after two residential high rises collapsed when a magnitude-6.4 earthquake hit Taiwan. Officials in the southern city of Tainan have already pulled three bodies from the rubble, including an infant girl, but there are potentially hundreds still trapped underneath the concrete.

Between them, the 17 and 16-storey blocks may have been home to as many as 600 people, more than half of whom are missing. At least, 221 people were rescued with 154 needing hospitalisation and two in critical condition.

Among the survivors, Taiwan’s official news agency said, were a 10-day-old infant and a 40-year-old man, both found in critical condition. A total of 127 people have been pulled out alive, at least 29 of them injured.

‘There are 60 households in that building,’ said Tainan City Government Fire Bureau information officer Lee Po Min, estimating that there might be about 240 people living there.









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