Charlotte Rampling’s remark about the Oscars Boycott


Charlotte Rampling photo

Nominated for her role in the movie ’45 Years’ for the Best Actress Award, says 2016 Oscars boycott is ‘Racist to Whites’. “One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list,” Charlotte told French radio network Europe 1, during an interview.

The 69 years old actress, has since said her comment was taken out of context. There’s been an on-going fuss about ‘Black Actors’ boycotting the Oscars scheduled to take place on the 28th of Feb 2016 which is to be hosted by Chris Rock. Singer Tyrese Gibson and Curtis Jackson (also known as 50 cent) have expressed their opinions,  by asking Chris Rock not to host the event.

Tyrese also said if Chris was gay, he would have announced his intent not to host the show. Donald Trump, one of the republican candidates for the presidential race in the US, recently added more fuel to the situation by saying ‘Whites do not get BET Nominations’. Lets keep our fingers crossed and watch how the situation unfolds.

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