Caroline Danjuma’s marriage crashes


The marriage between Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma and her billionaire husband, Musa Danjuma has reportedly crashed. According to SDK, the marriage crashed due to the husband’s love for women. An insider told Stella that – Caroline was fighting a lost battle and every time she got rid of his love interests, another one springs up from nowhere.

That even though she still lives with her husband, they are actually living like room mates and they’ve started divorce proceedings. The insider also revealed that Musa’s side chick named Maya, a Nigerian living in the UK is pregnant with his child and the child is due in couple of weeks. Maya allegedly bragged to her pals that she sleeps in their matrimonial bed, eats from her plate when Caroline is out of town and she is ready to move in after the divorce.

The insider also  reveals that the marriage has been on the rocks just before the birth of the couple’s last child together.
SDK insider as concluded that, ‘Caroline is over the shock and has moved on and is concentrating on her kids and her business.She has realised that it is of no use fighting over a man and she is the wiser for it.’

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