You can call him the real life ‘Naughty Professor’

Nicholas Goddard, 61
Nicholas Goddard, 61

Nicholas Goddard,  a professor who lectures at the University of Manchester handed in his notice to resign from the University effective April 1 2016. (Technically, thats April Fools Day. Hmm)

Nicholas Goddard, seen role playing in one of his porn movies
Nicholas Goddard, seen role playing in one of his porn movies

Other colleagues will fill up the professors role at the university.

Nicholas Goddard, divorced dad of  3 has spent the past 25 years teaching chemical engineering at the University of Manchester.

He appeared in the X-rated vids wearing only a gold watch with black strap – he was spotted wearing the same timepiece while lecturing bored students on campus.

After being outed by colleagues and students, Nick moaned: “There is such hypocrisy with people watching porn and then complaining about those who act in it.

“Without the demand there wouldn’t be the need to act would there. Why would students and staff be happy to watch it, but unhappy when they see who stars in them?

The prof stated he went into porn making due to a failed marriage. When Nicholas confronted his ex-wife,Christina Goddard, she stated she threw him out for visiting prostitutes.

Speaking from her home in Glazebury, Cheshire, the 66-year-old said: “I should have realised years ago what was going on because, although he was earning quite a good wage, we never seemed to have as much money as we should have had.

“He admitted that he had been seeing prostitutes and that was the end of the line.”

Culled : TheSunUK

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