Bristow Helicopter Crashes In Lagos Atlantic Ocean


A Bristow 5B BJQ helicopter enroute from an off shore location in Port Harcourt to Lagos, crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. The helicopter was carrying nine passengers and two crewmembers on board when the incident happened. All 11 passengers survived as they all floated on water with the help of their life vests.

Spokesperson for the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) said in a statement, ‘A S76 C++ helicopter marked 5N-BQJ belonging to Bristow Helicopters, which departed ERHA Platform enrolee Lagos was ditched into the Atlantic Ocean 95 nautical miles into destination at about 10:20am local time. “All the eleven souls on board including two crew members were rescued alive. “Accident Investigation Bureau AIB has commenced investigation into the occurrence. Details will be communicated to you later.’

Bristow Helicopters have also released a statement – Bristow Helicopters (Nigeria) Limited, confirmed today that one of its helicopters, was involved in a water landing near Lagos at about 10.25 a.m. local time on return from an offshore platform. The aircraft, a Sikorsky S-76C++, had departed on a routine crew transfer flight offshore with nine passengers and a crew of two. All persons onboard are accounted for and in the process of being transferred to a nearby installation. The company is in the process of collecting pertinent information and will release more details as soon as it is available.’

The incident comes barely 6 months after a Bristow helicopter crashed into the Lagos Lagoon. 6 of the 12 passengers onboard including the pilot and the co-pilot, died.



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