Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian step out after driving 26 hours to pick up girlfriend from Austin


Rob Kardashian was spotted after driving from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas to pick up his girlfriend, Blac Chyna following her arrest. He was spotted on Monday morning driving his girlfriend in his Bentley around Beverly Hills. See photos below. 



Meanwhile, more details are starting to emerge following Blac Chyna’s public intoxication/drug possession arrest on Friday evening at Austin Airport.

Chyna's mugshot
Chyna’s mugshot

According to the legal documents obtained by, cops found two white and gold ecstasy pills inside a sunglasses case in Chyna’s purse.

Chyna was refused to board the London-bound flight by British Airlines due to her intoxication and verbal aggression. Chyna admitted to a Saxon Pub bartender that she had taken Xanax, and she became ‘verbally aggressive’ when he refused to serve her more alcohol. Chyna is scheduled for a court hearing on Feb. 25.

Legal documents
Handcuffed Chyna at Austin airport


Source: Dailymail



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