Arsenal in Trouble, is Wenger still the Man for Arsenal?

Clueless Wenger
Clueless Wenger

Arsenal lost on home turf to Swansea  at the Emirates stadium on Wednesday . The loss to Swansea just goes to show how troubled the team is. 

Arsenal started so well, the fans must have thought this would be the season the trophy drought ends. But that seems to be fading away fast. This would not be the  first time the club has come so close and yet ended the season in fourth place.

The game ended 2-1 in Swansea’s favor. Arsenal also lost 3-2 to Manchester United and prior to that lost 2-0 to Barcelona. The crowd booed and clearly showed their disgust.  The fans need one thing from the management, which is change. Wenger clearly needs to go and someonelse with a different ‘Vision and Strategy’ at the helm of affairs for Arsenal.  Will that change ever come?

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