10 Interesting facts you should know


Below are some interesting facts that will amaze you. 

  • Human saliva contains a painkiller called opiorphin that is six times more powerful than morphine.
  • During pregnancy woman’s brain shrinks and it takes up to six months to regain its original size.
  • Putting sugar on a cut or wound reduces pain and speed up the healing process.
  • A lobster’s blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue
  • Human brain is more active during sleep than during the day.
  • Soldiers from every country salute with their right hand.
  • Australia is the only continent without an active volcano.
  • A strawberry is the only fruit which seeds grow on the outside.
  • Apples are more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee.
  • The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific

Source: Facts Daily

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